Tube Necklaces

The Tube necklace is one of my oldest creations that continues to attract many customers since 2010. It is also the necklace that takes me more hours to produce.

Strong and very charismatic, this necklace is a statement piece celebrating your Nature.

I have seen these necklaces worn by both men and women. The Tube necklace looks gorgeous on anyone!


All these necklaces are made with Natural Stones and a waxed polyester thread that is made to sew shoes, so they are very durable, water proof and will not stretch or fade.

They are also adjustable, so you can choose the length that suits your outfit for today! I love this because I like wearing my necklaces long in the Winter, outside of a sweeter. In the Summer I like them shorter, because I like an open neckline.

Very light jewelry, suitable for those with metal allergies.